Christ Lutheran Church
Pattison, Texas
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Christ Lutheran Church, LCMS

We are a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, located in the town of Pattison, Texas.
We celebrated our 125th Anniversary on December 13, 2015.  See below for historical information.
A History of Christ Lutheran Church
Christ Lutheran Church was organized December 14, 1890 in the hom eof Ferdenand Stenzel at Pattison, Texas.  People who signed the constitution were Henry Reitz, Ferdenand Stenzel, Harmon Kitzman, William Ebel, H. Steighan, Fritz Wolht, Carl wenzel, Fred Hammerling, Henry Keuneke, Charlie Neiman, John Neiman, G. Breuner, Robert Krienke and August Ehlert.  The Reverand J. J. Trinklein helped to organize the group.
Rev. Paul G. Heckel, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church of Sealy, Texas, combined the congregations to form one parish.  In the fall of 1893, Rev. P. A. Wenzel took over the three parishes of Cat Springs, Sealy and Pattison.  Several families' private homes, two of them being the Keunekes and the Stenzels, were used as places of worship for the church members until 1893 when the Pattison Schoolhouse became available.
On March 1, 1894, H.B. Donigan sold the congregation of Christ Lutheran Church and acre and a half of land near his cotton gin in Pattison.  The first church building was completed by 1900.  The original building and land was sold and used as a private home for many years.  Recently the building was donated to the City of Pattison and sits on a plot of land beehing H.D.H. Instruments.
In 1939, the congregation purchased their next church building, along with 1 1/2 acres of land from the German Methodist-Episcopal Church.  In 1940 a parsonage was added to the church site.  During this time, some members of the German Methodist-Episcopal Church decided to change denominations and remained in their familiar church building among the Lutherans, who were predominately German.  Early church records were written and recorded in German.
In 1953, The Katy Lutherans declared themselves self-supporting.  Christ Lutheran CHurch of Hempstead joined with the Pattison Lutheran Church in 1959 and formed one parish.
In 1964 the Pattison Church became a single parish again.  In 1965, the Pattison Church joined with the Katy Lutheran CHurch and Rev. Alvin Musgrove agreed to serve both congregations.  During his pastorage in 1967, the congregation was blessed, making it possible to build a new sanctuary.  Rev. Musgrove served as pastor until 1969.
* Information taken from "Handbook & Registry of German-Texan Heritage," "A History of Waller County, Texas".